Eric Tourneret, le photographe des abeilles sur l’

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  1. Dear Mr. Tourneret,
    Please forgive my use of english, I hope it is not an inconvenience. My husband and I do an educational bee show for schools and libraries. I would like to know if your photos are available for use in our slide show. We do charge a fee which helps pay for keeping our hives and for show expenses, so I would expect to pay you a usage fee. We do about 50 shows per year. Please let me know if we can make an agreement for use. I am particularly interested in your « Bees-Nepal-Hunter52 » and « Œil d’une abeille grossi 270 fois. » I wish to use your Napal photo to compare to the cave painting « Man of Bicor ». Your photos are amazing!
    Thank you,

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